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R & D Center Production Ability Testing Equipment Certification Honorable Customers

The company currently has a wealth of experience in a variety of engineering and technical personnel more than 60 people, and attention and the introduction of a variety of innovative and technical personnel, the company currently Dr., master degree 8, undergraduate or higher education accounted for more than 95% of R & D team.

The company's product development using production generation, in the research generation, the development of generation strategy, closely follow the market and technology front, continue to buy R & D equipment, to take new product technology, to become industry pioneer and driver.

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发明专利 1
实用新型专利 2
外观专利 3
其他 软件著作权4项,商标许可2项

The company is a national high-tech enterprises, the current total of a national invention patent, utility model patents 2, the appearance of the patent 3, and ???????????????? A number of patents in the application. Another software copyright 4, 2 registered trademarks.